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About Company

We are one of the leading Buyer, Stockist & Suppliers of Used Machinery, Plants & Equipment like Engineering, Forging. We are the leading Suppliers of Used Machinery. Second Hand Machinery is a better option for a company then buying new machinery all the time.

The Concept "5M" optimum utilization of Men, Machinery, Money, Management and Mascot.Online Machineries Pvt Ltd, Slowly and steadily based on the concept, Spreading the horizon in the field of good quality Old Machinery & Used Machinery.


Best Used Machinery

The selection at the time of buying the machinery is our main criteria through which we serve our clients most effectively. We provide our customers with the best Used Machinery & Second Hand Machinery.

It may not be always possible for about 70% of different industries to make use of unique and specially designed equipment due to various factors, viz. cost, availability and methods of using, Online Machineries Pvt Ltd have proved to make it possible to them by cutting down the cost to about 50% or more, through renovation of Old Machinery and by providing technical assistance to make the most effective use of such Used Machinery at the workshop under one roof. We buy, We renovate and we develop the methods of using the special equipment, our workshop is busy round the clock to fulfill the needs of our customers. Online Machineries Pvt Ltd winners of complete customer satisfaction, always remain updated to bring the new and economical solutions for any application of different industries.

Quality Policy / Processes

Quality Policy Since our motive is to buy the best quality Used Machinery & Old Machinery, we guarantee our quality at the time of selling for which we have our excellent team with us. "Attaining the goal without any compromise is "success" and we do not compromise on quality what so ever. our R & D team is an integrated part of our organization and we have almost all Used Machinery stores, the following are major and unique Old Machinery always made available, for details see a photo gallery.

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